Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Now more than $900 Just in Signup Bonuses!

  • On the App-O-Rama "Best of the Best" page I found there are now over $900 in signup bonuses, particularly:

    Personal Cards
    $100 Amex Preferred Rewards Gold
    $150 Citi Premier Pass Elite
    $100 Citi Professional
    $50 Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards

    Business Cards
    $250 Amex Business Gold Rewards
    $150 CitiBusiness PremierPass
    $100 CitiBusiness with ThankYou network

  • Readers all over the internet are still in an uproar over Suze Orman's episode on App-O-Rama (you can see it on Youtube). At first, the segment seemed like she understood it - she explained how people make fortunes using other people's money, and how people can do a credit card App-O-Rama by applying for multiple cards at the same time, getting multiple signup bonuses, frequent flier miles, etc.

    Suze showed how simple it is to deposit a 0% check into a high interest bank account, and how many thousands of dollars could be made from interest earned on that deposit. It sounded as if she understood the App-O-Rama, but when she talked with a viewer, she started getting the mechanics of it all wrong!

    So did Suse REALLY decipher the dollars and sense of App-O-Rama, or is she just a talking head who read the script her staff created? I wonder....At any rate, lets clarify some of the errors Suze made, so that none of you make the same mistakes and can do a much more successful App-O-Rama!

    Suze said that you would have to pay Cash advance charges, by taking a cash advance out from one card, then transfering the balance to another card - that is simply not correct for most 0% deals. As her own video showed, most card issuers simply allow you to deposit the 0% check right into your checking account!

    Suze then said Balance Transfer fees have gone up from a max of $75 to an uncapped 3%. While some cards have increased BT fees to 3% uncapped, there are still MANY that have NO Balance Transfer Fee, and many more capped at $75. In fact,
  • The App-O-Rama 0% list
  • shows exactly which cards have NO balance transfer fees.

    But perhaps Suze's biggest disservice to her readers was failing to mention how App-O-Rama can help them get out of credit card debt QUICKER than any other strategy. Since you can do an App-O-Rama not just for the signup bonuses the credit card issuers offer, but to take advantage of 0% promotions, they can be used to reduce your interest payments on debt. Suze viewers often have a lot of credit card debt they are paying 15%, 20% or 30% APR, and moving that debt to 0% cards is COMMON SENSE. Suze didn't mention it at all. Shame on you, Suze.

    Friday, August 03, 2007

    Suze Orman tries to decipher the App-O-Rama Drama !

    Well it looks like Suze Orman is going to do a show on August 4 entitled "App-O-Rama Drama". This will be very interesting, and we will keep you posted!

    Readers on the financial forum at, where Apporama is very popular and many readers are experts at using AOR strategies, have been discussing the upcoming show.
  • Link to the Fatwallet App-O-Rama FAQ Discussion

  • Many people without debt simply put the 0% promotional money in the bank, to earn interest on the money before they pay it back. Many people in the Fatwallet forum have reported being able to deposit enough 0% money in banks to see interest income alone exceeding $15,000 per year! I will be watching the Suze show with great interest and will update after watching to see if she really DOES know the dollars and sense of App-O-Rama, since it is often misunderstood and widely criticized. Lets hope Suze gets it right for the sake of her millions of viewers!

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Which are the BEST Credit Cards to Get? Find the Answer Here!

    Many people are confused about which is the best rewards or 0% credit card to get, since there are hundreds in the market. Finance Gurus have put together a list of the
  • best credit cards for every kind of reward imaginable
  • Thursday, January 11, 2007

    SF Bay Area Get Together!

    Hey Finance Diehards! I am helping to organize a Finance get together in the SF Bay Area. Many Finance and Deal Gurus from your favorite sites like will be there! The details are as follows:

    Friday January 19
    El Torito Restaurant
    Burlingame, CA

    Meet us in the Cantina (bar) area. should be lots of fun!

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    $750 just for getting new cards? Yep!

    Well If youve been following this blog, you already learned how to get a free vacation with airfare and hotel...what else do you need? SPENDING MONEY! But of course....

    Luckily for us, the credit card companies want our business and will PAY to get it! There are many cards that give signup bonuses whenyou are approved for a new credit card...I looked over many of the various promotions out there - some give points which can be redeemed for giftcards and some that appear as direct statement credits.

  • On the App-O-Rama "Best of the Best" page I found over $750 in signup bonuses, particularly:

    Personal Cards
    $100 Amex Preferred Rewards Gold
    $150 Citi Premier Pass Elite
    $100 Citi Professional
    $50 Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards

    Business Cards
    $100 Business Gold Rewards - statement credit
    $150 CitiBusiness PremierPass
    $100 CitiBusiness with ThankYou network

  • Get approved for these cards, in addition to the other "Best" cards as part of your App-O-Rama, and you can get plenty of spending money to use on your free vacation!

    Of course, it does get better....since many of these cards also come with 0% offers. Stay tuned to my blog and you'll see how they can be used to make thousands more!

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    App-O-Rama your way to a free WEEK LONG vacation!

    Ok, so if you've been following my blog, by now you have enough frequent flyer miles to get a free flight. Perhaps you also encouraged your friends or traveling companions to get their free miles too.

    What to do now? Go on vacation! But hotels cost wait a minute...use the App-o-Rama strategy and the hotel can be free too! Let the credit card issuers pick up the tab!

  • Bank of America is offering the Choice Privileges card. Get the card HERE and get 3 free nights.

  • You've got the frequent flyer miles, now you and your traveling companion both get the Choice Privileges card...combine them for SIX free nights! You have now assembled a completely free WEEK LONG vacation, airfare and hotel paid for, thanks to the credit card issuers! There's no better deal out there.

    And don't worry, if you didn't already get the Delta cards, you can get them now and do all the apps at the same time...thats why it's called App-O-Rama!

    Happy Travels!
    (edit: The credit card issuer has changed the signup bonus on this card, please be sure to read the application to confirm the current bonus)

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    A Free Airline Ticket for ~10 minutes work!

    Possibly the cheapest and easiest way to get a free airline ticket these days is via credit card applications. American Express is currently running a promotion where, if you get their Gold skymiles personal and business cards, you'll earn 15,000 miles each. 30,000 miles is more than enough miles to get a free flight, and you can even get additional miles by adding authorized cardholders.

  • The 2 Delta Gold Skymiles cards (business and personal) with NO ANNUAL FEES for the first year are linked HERE

  • It took me less than five minutes to complete the two applications. The cards usually arrive within 10 days, then I made a purchase with each of the new cards so they will credit my Skymiles account. Total time invested - less than 10 minutes!

    Since it takes a few weeks for the miles to post to your frequent flyer account, I like to do it as early as possible in the Spring, so the miles are ready for FREE SUMMERTIME TRAVEL! If you dont have a Skymiles account, you can either set one up at the same time as the Amex App, or first go to to get a Skymiles number. I like to set it up first at Delta.

    Some people have asked me how they can get a business card, if they arent owners of a company and dont have a tax ID number. I tell them to think carefully, as they may in fact be business owners and dont even think of it! For example, I ask them if they sell items on ebay. I ask them if they own rental property. Yes, ebay sellers and landlords are BUSINESSOWNERS, whether they think of themselves as owning a business or not. I remind them that a tax ID number is not needed to get a business credit card - just your social security number is all a sole proprietor needs. As a sole proprietor myself, I have had no trouble getting business credit cards from AMEX.

    With fuel prices rising through the roof, and airline fares going up, travel isnt as cheap as it used to be. I've found that the days of $200 roundtrips within the U.S. are largely gone, and the average DISCOUNTED nonrefundable 21 day advance airline ticket is running $350-400 between popular destinations!

    For those who like to earn frequent flier miles to get free flights (myself included) , the easy opprtunities of the past have also dried up. Long gone are the 15-25,000 miles for simple things like signing up for long distance service, etc.

    This is by far the easiest way I know to earn a free flight these days. Saving money and still having time for fun is what I am all about, and in fact, I'm about to board a cruise headed toward Hawaii in about an hour (yes, I will have a deal to share with you about that too...) so stayed tuned! And above all, Enjoy your travels!